It’s all in the details. The finishing touches are the most important features that pull together the overall look of a room. Creating elegance, class and an overall completed look, ends with drapery tiebacks. Drapery tiebacks are features that are often forgotten or believed to be unimportant. Tiebacks are a subtle way to add to the decor of your drapery.

Workroom by Design helps clients in selecting the right drapery tieback to fit their style, budget and needs. With a large range of tiebacks to choose from, our experts will offer their knowledge when choosing the final product.

Drapery tiebacks can be used as a functional element or as a decorative touch. Some curtains require that the fabric be held off the window, allowing for natural light to shine through. Tiebacks provide the perfect solution. While for others, tiebacks are simply used as an added touch of elegance, tying the look and feel of the room together. The drapery tiebacks can be simple or elaborate. They do not have to be predictable. We will help you to find the right tieback that suits your look.

Workroom by Design can customize your drapery tiebacks however you like. Our number one priority is that your tiebacks not only fit the style and look of the customized drapery but fit with the overall look of your room. We have hundreds of different tiebacks to show you. Our tiebacks vary significantly. We offer such a variety that we are sure you will find what you are looking for.